wingsofwriting asked: Okay, so I'm just an Avengers fans from the movies, but the way you're freaking out about Winter Soldier makes me think it's something specific to Captain America and the comic books. So what is Winter Solider all about? I'm curious and thirsting for knowledge about this fandom.

Oh, I don’t want to spoil..but I’m guessing since you are asking, that it’s okay to say?  -hides- I get nervous when giving out information..because you never know when too much… is too much. Okay let’s see what I can …say… Winter Soldier is a name penned toward Bucky’s character.  Let’s just say….. Captain America wasn’t the only one frozen in ice.  Though Bucky had some help from the Russians on that.. (though who knows how the movies will handle that).  What I’m assuming by this title is that Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barnes will be back for the sequel..and not only that..but be a heavy essence in the movie.  I hope that wasn’t too much.  -snuggles-