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I’m just going to ignore the existence of the final episode, for me it ended when Barney and Robin got married

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#god i loved this scene SO MUCH #because she’s scared. she’s scared and everything’s going wrong and she just wants to huddle into a corner and do nothing at all #she’s just had to face her worst fear‚ something she can’t control‚ can’t manipulate‚ can’t fight #everything is going horribly wrong and honestly if she hadn’t answered i doubt anyone would have specifically noticed #but she gets up anyway. she pulls herself together and she radios in and she goes to stop clint. #some guy who totally missed the point complained in a review that it was unfeminist to have had her be scared and i say fuck that #do you have any idea how wonderful it was to see a heroine who freaks out and then pushes past it‚ sir #who is ALLOWED by the narrative to freak out‚ who is not shamed for her fear‚ who can be afraid without it defining her #because it was pretty fucking wonderful to me

so glad someone pointed this out

In addition to the above, they needed someone competent and uber awesome to run from the Hulk in order to show how pants-shittingly scary he was, and since Barton was a bad guy still…

This right here. Joss Whedon writes women who are real, who have weaknesses and hopes and fears and flaws but at the end of the day they push past all that and they’re badass anyway (see: Buffy, Willow, and Faith in BTVS). Courage isn’t not being scared, it’s being scared and doing what you know is right anyway because it’s right. Everything is a clusterfuck in this moment and she doesn’t have to answer, she can run away and hide, she has the skills to disappear but she made a decision to be one of the good guys, and even if she hid until it was mostly safe then slipped back to the control room, no one would have noticed, she could have said she was busy doing something else, she’s a master at lying. She didn’t. She is literally shaking with fear because she was almost killed by a huge impossibly strong mutated rage monster that could break her in half but she hears that she’s needed and knows that she can take out Hawkeye and help get something else under control so she pulls herself together with a deep breath and goes where she’s needed and gets shit done. Natasha fucking Romanoff.


Joss has gotten shit in the past for what he puts women through, too. For having Buffy cry, Willow be timid, Echo be at the mercy of whoever programmed her, etc. But I’m sorry, the biggest Mary-Sue, the biggest lie, is the woman (and man!) who is NEVER afraid. I want to see my heroes scared shitless but have pushed through fear so many times it’s just another day.