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Jessica’s A/E fic rec list (in no particular order)
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1) Metamorphosis - myxomycota - Arthur is possessed by a “demon”. 

Why I loved it: it is entirely spooky and literally had me hooked from the beginning. I was on the edge of my seat for a majority of it. If you like scary, this is for you. I actually was tempted to jump as I was reading it because my adrenaline was racing.

2) the rebel french - green_postitArthur barely registers the bullet through his knee. It’s the second bullet that does it: hits him square in the chest, takes him clean off his feet.

Why I loved it: beautifully descriptive and really captured me. The characters are a bit morally ambiguous, and the ending might rub some people the wrong way, but part of what I love about it is that. I’m especially fond of the author’s vision of Paris.

3) Pet - LadyVader - AU fic - Arthur is in his final year of high school and finds himself entirely too interested in the new English teacher. Entirely inspired by the Police lyrics ‘Sometimes it’s not so easy to be the teacher’s Pet’.

Why I loved it: clearly, if teacher/student relationships are squicky for you, then this isn’t your fic, but honestly this one is such a slow burn and it’s just so, so, so perfect. I read it when it was still a WIP and her chapters were literally what I looked forward to every week. So many of the chapters left me screaming for more, and I really sympathized with Arthur’s character. It paints a beautiful picture of his character, and if you haven’t read this yet, seriously DO IT.

4) My Blue Heaven (and pretty much everything by the author) - Tabi_essentially - Arthur finds a safe house for the two of them after a job. It’s a gorgeous, gothic thing that Arthur kind of loves, and that maybe kind of loves him back. Eames doesn’t find it amusing.

Why I loved it: first of all, the most stunning thing about Tabi is her ability to write all of her fics in canon to each other while not having to read them all. Her wartime verse, which this story is a part of, has 10 different fics in it, and they all relate to one another beautifully but also stand alone perfectly as well. This particular story is one of my favorites of hers because it’s creepy and yet absolutely charming and hilarious. Her Arthur and Eames play off of each other so adorably and the characters feel so real and relatable.

5) Requiescat - whiskyrunner - The death of Neil McCormick was gradual, not sudden, and not permanent by any means. In the end, Arthur goes much more quickly.

Why I loved it: Good lord, this fic. The whole Requiescat verse just destroyed me, not even going to lie. I openly cried reading it. It’s not really surprising considering it’s a Mysterious Skin crossover (so clearly there’s a lot of triggery things in this), but whiskyrunner handles it like a pro (just like she always does). Her descriptions of Arthur/Neil’s dreams are in particular very powerful.

6) The Running Play (+ Run to Daylight the sequel) - whiskyrunner - Eames has a spot on the college football team. Arthur has a secret and a seething hatred for jocks. In the end, it’s all about who plays the game better. 

Why I loved it: I don’t care for football at all, and frankly never watched it, but I have got to say that these are absolutely some of my favorite pieces of fanfiction. Whiskyrunner handles the characters just beautifully, and she portrays a relationship that, while it might not be perfect, feels so very real. I also very nearly cried in public over a fictional dog.

7) Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - eamesish - A car crash during a job leaves Arthur paralyzed from the waist down and relegated to a wheelchair. Eames, feeling guilty for having recommended the job to him, stays with him for a while to help him adjust to his new life… and though he’d expected to help the Point Man out and be on his way, he gets much more than he bargained for.

Why I loved it: I had honestly planned on writing a fic with a similar plotline, but eamesish (aka joetokki here on tumblr!) handled it better than I ever could. I honestly couldn’t stop reading once I started, and it never once got boring or lagged. It really delves deep into Arthur’s character as Eames peels back his layers, and I just love the vulnerability we find underneath the tough exterior.

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OMG ALL THE A & E Art I have NEVER Seen!! I’m so HAPPY

The artist is the lovely ~Tatarnikova, by the way. ♥

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I lack gifs

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I hope I don’t scare you away with the hardy shimmy