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Interviewer : "You have this little black child who’s gonna grow up in this world.." (x)

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I don’t even know what I’m doing…..

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Oscar rehearsals - doesn’t look quite as snazzy as with tuxes…

I think they actually look better!

That adorable bastard.

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I’m bringing this back…. It makes you fan-girl angry. Doesn’t it?

lord bless this mans body

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tending his flame

There are indications of Bane’s human side through the movie, but none is more poignant to me than his flowery quilt. It appeared to be on Talia’s mother’s bed at one point, and now it is on Bane’s—a faded memento from his prison days with the girl he helped escape. 

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Bane’s sudden accusation made John speechless. His mouth was agape with every intention to talk back, to tell Bane he was wrong, to scream at him until he passed out, but his words failed him and stayed on the edge of his tongue. So he stood there in front of Bane, lips parted, looking like the air was knocked out of him as the man became more and more intimidating as he spoke and as the simmering anger radiated through him. And if John said he didn’t feel the least bit scared, he would’ve been lying.

The silence only filled Bane with doubts. Doubts which Bane no longer had over John. If loyalty were ever personified, it would be John. Even now, Bane did not doubt that, but perhaps it was who held John’s loyalty that Bane was mistaken over. Or had he simply forgotten. John had always been loyal to the orphanage. Since the beginning. And that had never changed. It was Bane’s own irresponsibility that let him to think other wise, even if only for a moment. “You have won their protection and your own; leave if you desire it. Have them on the boat on the day we arranged. No one will stop you. Tell them the tale of how you,” Bane sneered the next word through his mask,”tricked,” he stepped forward with his next words, closing in on John, “the masked man for their lives,” he finished with a challenging tilt of his head, “Though you wouldn’t want to tell them the stories between the sheets would you?” Peering down at John, he continued, “Or against the walls, nor the windows upstairs.”

“I never tricked you.” He finally said, his voice surprisingly stable though hoarse and wrecked from indignation and insult. He took a step back, then another, and another until his back hit the wall, “I never fucking tricked you,” He seethed and glared up at the man who was now crowding him into the wall as his hands balled into shaking fists at his sides, “and you have the goddamn gall to say that to my face when you know damn well that I never tricked you. Oh, but you know i’ll bend over any desk to show someone my loyalty cause that’s what i do right?” John pushed himself away from the wall so the two were standing toe to toe, “Is that what you’re insinuating? that I- what? that i seduced you to save them? Then go ahead, Bane! Bend me over another desk if that’s all i have to fucking do! or do i have to get shot for you again? or beaten? or stand between a mad man with a gun and your fucking girlfriend?” John stared at him, out of breath and eyes wide as his fingers still dug into the thin skin of his palms, “Every day.” he panted “Every- god damn fucking day! I risked my life for you… and you’re calling me a liar…That i tricked you?” His chin quivered and his jaw tensed, “What the fuck, Bane.”

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Barsad ♥ his machine gun

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Alright people, I suggest finding a way to save this as soon as possible just in case NBC finds me and destroys me.

Honored (and EXCITED) to return to SNL on September 22! :oD