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Okay so this was my 1,000th follower gift for whatthepatrick and she gave me this idea which I find utterly adorable and it’s based on one of my old drawings which I’ll not link here because ahsghgsadgsdhg

Steve and Tony had a small fight and Tony ended up saying some pretty mean things and regrets them later that night and Steve overhears him talking to himself and the rest is shown above.

I hope she likes it !
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Soooo this just came up on my dashboard…

Oh gosh.


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~One day Peter angry to his Pop and Dad, and Peter threaten them that he don’t wanna eat dinner until He allowed to play with Wade~

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The Avengers-Tony in dream by ~Athew

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Billionaire Playboys Out on the Job:

Stark asks why Bruce insists to keep his identity as secret

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art by *MisterKay


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I loved this one the most. That’s something I would do

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I had to do this time ago

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No. Tony. NO! You can NOT adopt him!

He has to go back where he came from. (He’s got a steady girlfriend for crying out loud.)

new headcanon: tony actually created wall E but then he got lost one day and was forced to live out the rest of his existence alone, still searching for his tony.

DAMNIT. Why did you break my heart into two? In retaliation I am going to split  everyone’s into QUARTERS… PIXAR STYLE.

It always starts out the same.

“Hey Wall-E, it’s Daddy…”

But the little robot doesn’t mind at all. He waves at the magnified screen of his custom built Stark Phone. It’s been 800 years since Tony’s passed away, 745 since the humans evacuated Earth… but it’s always nice to see the face of his creator.

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Oh my god, feels. So. Many. Feels.

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Didney worl

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When Superhusbands become Superparents | Steve bribes Lainey with ice cream while Tony is working… again.