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Live forever, or die trying.: FREE Ebook Download - "Lost and Found" - Sept 7 & 8
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Spread the word and mark your calendars! I am making the ebook version of my book, “Lost and Found”, available for FREE DOWNLOAD on September 7th and 8th from 12am PST to 12pm PST both days.

This is where you’ll be able to download it

And for those without a Kindle,…

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Dog Day Afternoon (Or; The Puppy Drabble Verse)

~500 words


“Yusef…what do you mean you made him into…a puppy?”

“He was on my last bloody nerve, Arthur! Touching all my chemicals and poking around my apartment like he was one! I just forgot I was so deathly allergic to mutts and as soon as he changed I started up a fit of allergies.”

Yusef was the last person Arthur expected on his doorstep at five in the morning in the dead of winter, holding a rather dejected looking puppy. In fact, Arthur wished that for once he did not answer his door because honestly, if he hated anything in the world more than Eames’ bickering with him and any form of disorganization, it was small animals. Small animals that were barely three months along and most likely not even housebroken.

“You found it in an alley, didn’t you? Yusef…I hate animals. Hate them. They need constant care and they’re incompetent.”

“It’s Eames,” Yusef stated, holding the puppy out for Arthur to examine. Arthur recoiled as though it had the plague, only glancing back at it when one of the most pathetic sounding whines came from the small furry creature. “See? Even whines like Eames does.”

The puppy huffed and bit Yusef’s hand at that comment and Arthur rolled his eyes. Oh, yes, that had to be Eames then. Sighing, he opened the door to let Yusef inside. Yusef babbled out his thanks, promising to return to pick up Eames when the effects wore off in two days and Seriously, Arthur, thank you so much. I forgot how allergic I was!

Arthur locked the door behind Yusef, turning to face Eames with his hands on his hips. Eames was staring at the ground, and Arthur did not find it cute. No. No he did not think it was one of the most adorable sights; an eight pound and depressed puppy did not make him want to coo at it like a child. Sighing, Arthur rolled his eyes and started off towards his bedroom as he heard Eames fall over. He looked back at the puppy, now on it’s side looking more depressed than before, and scoffed, “Are you coming or what? It’s not like you aren’t used to sleeping in my bed.”

Arthur preferred his boyfriend in his normal, masculine glory but he wouldn’t object to the small personal space heater sitting in his bed for a few nights. Especially after it yipped, fucking yipped, at him as it rolled over and trotted off quickly on clumsy legs. He would claim at a later date that he did not cuddle the thing, christ. But if you asked Eames, he would tell you he felt like a teddy bear and had no issues with it at all.

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so tired.

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veela-from-gotham - Eames/Arthur

Things don’t go back to normal after Inception. Cobb leaves to spend time with his children and the others go their separate ways, but Eames stays. Stays with Arthur. Arthur who is lost and confused, who can’t keep his fingers still and draws maps and mazes on every surface he can find. It’s not new, Eames staying with Arthur, neither is them sharing a bed and kisses and late nights wrapped together, but this time it feels more permanent  more personal and when Arthur comes out of his haze, he’s grateful to find Eames waiting for him. It’s usually with British tea, and heater warm jumpers. Eames will rub the chalk from Arthur’s fingers onto his own trousers and smile slightly and sometimes Arthur can return it, but more times he can’t and Eames drags him to their bed and holds him until it passes, combs calloused fingers through his hair and whispers stories, says ‘It’s okay, darling’ and presses kisses to Arthur’s cheeks.

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↳ 9/50 photos of Jessica Chastain 

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Inception AU: Pick your own backstory!

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Ralph Stanley’s in the Lawless soundtrack!! I knew his voice sounded familiar! fuckin yessss.

UGh! I want this soundtrack.





The Dark Knight Rises Feels
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I can’t handle all these feels! Yet I never want it to stop!

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Batman/Inception Crossover: Cobb and his team are tasked to incept the mind of Bruce Wayne and bring the Batman back.
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Tom & Jose

Oh my god…. Bane and Josephine……..


wow two extremes. one is ultra manly and ripped and the other is wearing a maid outfit. i can’t. this is the ultimate kink.

I have issues

Big issues


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don’t try to tell me that hungry is not an emotion because i feel that shit in my soul