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Oh man!

Agent Peggy Carter is getting her own short film on the “Iron Man 3” Blu-ray! Argh! Look at this! 

And Bradley Whitford!?

Fans of the first film really wanted to find out what happened to Peggy afterwards, so Marvel are also making a short film, which is basically ‘What Peggy Did Next’, which will be shown at Comic-Con and be on the DVD extras of the second film (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). So as well as doing a bit in the new film, I’ve got a whole new spin-off short film. It has been great to be back in training with the stunt coordinators, kicking some butt again.
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Hayley Atwell (via fyeahlilbit2point0)

A chorus of angels just began singing….

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“And me. You have me.”

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Hayley: The first time I saw [his body] was that scene where he is exposed, and I just was in complete shock, and so they obviously used it, when I kind of reached out for his man boob.
Chris: Yeah, she gave a little impromptu boob squeeze. She did. I was like oh, excuse me.

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Hayley Atwell arrives at the Olivier Awards 2012