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Captain America(Chris Evans), at the set of Avengers2 Age of Ultron 

april 4, 2014 press photo

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What was the meanest prank Chris ever played on you? 
Scott: Like I said before, there’s literally a million, but as a little brother I was like ‘that’s amazing.’ We were outside one time, playing outside, no toys, nothing, just imaginary games - and we both had to go to the bathroom. And he said to me, ‘
Well, we don’t wanna go inside (obviously), it takes up too much time, why don’t we just.. go right now, like, in our pants.’ And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ And of course he could’ve said anything and I would’ve been like ‘that sounds awesome.’”
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Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan at the The Cinema Society  Screening of Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” on March 31, 2014

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people who think steve rogers is a boring character probably didn’t watch the same movies

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I wonder if Chris ever wishes his mother wasn’t more technologically competent than him.

Thanks Momma Evans! [X]

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stop wiggly baby chris evans 2k14

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Chris Evans for Variety magazine

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Chris Evans for Variety via @variety_claudia

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If you could take any character you’ve played and put them in the Marvel Universe, which one would you pick and why? x

I would love to see Stan’s character from Kings. To this day, I say that’s one of his best roles.
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do you see any of yourself in either cap or in steve rogers?