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She’s got a ticket to ride — Charlotte Riley boarding a train at Manchester Piccadilly station on Tuesday | ph. DailyMail

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So, turns out Tom & Charlotte aren’t just randomly meeting fans, they’re actually meeting Kayleigh, the woman who’s severly ill and who met Tom last year as part of her ‘bucket list’. They are such beauitfully generous people.

From Please Help Kayleigh on twitter.

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'Do you still use this word - doyle? We need to keep it alive'

— Film star Charlotte Riley, who hails from Grindon, Thorpe Thewles, Skype-calls Acklam Grange students and answered their questions

The sparkle of Hollywood came to a Middlesbrough school when pupils got the chance to interview a movie star. There was no need for a red carpet for local lass Charlotte Riley as she Skype-called students at Acklam Grange School to answer their questions.

Waiting nervously for the Wuthering Heights star’s call were students taking part in the school’s BBC News Day on March 27 when students get to experience the world of journalism. But any tension evaporated when the former Teesside High pupil’s smiling face projected onto a screen and she asked: “What’s the weather like in Middlesbrough?”

The students then asked a range of intelligent and quirky questions. Charlotte Sutton asked: “It’s just been International Women’s Day, who inspires you? Charlotte, 32, said:

“It’s easy to pick people on the international stage, but women quite close to home inspire me. My mum, she’s not been very well with cancer and when you see someone deal with their own mortality it can be very inspiring. And Cate Blanchett, she does a great deal for women in our industry - So people close to home and then Cate Blanchett.”

Talking about her Teesside roots Charlotte, who hails from Grindon, Thorpe Thewles, said:

“Just being around northerners, I love it. I heard a really northern word today. Do you still use this word - doyle? We need to keep it alive. I do like a parmo, but I’m more of a fan of a London Pizza with loads of garlic sauce, obviously.”

On working with Tom Cruise in the upcoming film, Edge of Tomorrow, she said:

“I think you get a preconception that they are like aliens, but they’re just normal guys.”

And when asked about being engaged to Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy, Charlotte laughed and said:

“To me he’s just Tom. I don’t go around saying ‘Hi Tom Hardy, can I have a cup of tea?’”

Charlotte offered the students advice and said:

“If you’re going to dream, dream big. You just have to believe in yourself and believe in being you.“

After the interview, Student Lorna Davison, 15, said: “It’s amazing to have that opportunity to talk to a Hollywood star. They’re portrayed as big divas, but she’s just normal. Charlotte Sutton, 15, said: “I thought it was great talking to someone who’s made it from Boro.“ Joe Ramsey, 15, said: “It was like talking to someone I knew, it’s inspiring to know we can do the same.“

Gazette Live, published March 13th

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Cathy’s discovery // Wuthering Heights

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Charlotte Riley, New York Jan 2013 | ph. Sarah Dunn

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Some more photos of Tom and Charlotte’s Christmas visit to Stockton’s Butterwick Hospice. 

Charlotte Riley: It must be really difficult for the families of the people and children who stay at the hospice as they are all seriously ill, but they must take some consolation from the fact the all the staff are always really happy, friendly and devoted. 

People often take hospices for granted so it was the least that we could do to come visit the centre and see for ourselves what it offers for its patients.”

Tom Hardy: I had no idea what facilities were available at the hospice so it was fantastic to come and visit. The work they do is amazing and we just wanted to come and give a little back to them all. 

I did the expedition in Siberia with Charlotte’s uncle, Peter, and it is inspiring to see the work the staff do all year round. I think anything that can raise awareness of hospices around the country is really worthwhile as they help and support families when they need it the most and that is invaluable to them.”

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Can anyone else spot Charlotte in the Edge of Tomorrow trailer? Because I can’t :(

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Charlotte Riley on the red carpet for Locke at the 57th BFI London Film Festival | ph. AceShowbiz

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Charlotte Riley at the British Independent Film Awards, Dec 8th 2013

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( ever the optimist )

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Tom Hardy at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) Dec 2013 
Locke nominated for 3 awards, won best screenplay