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The masked man…

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Jesus Christ, is this real???

I thought the same thing, but I’ll take it!

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Someone in Prague
is Dark fake ass rising

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Bane By Leonardo Paciarotti Di Maggio

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Gotham’s Reckoning by Kc-Eazyworld 

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Some great close ups of Bane’s costume

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Eeek! Early birthday gift from a friend~

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John couldn’t lie to himself, he enjoyed being Nightwing for the most part. He loved the thrill of chasing criminals across rooftops and dodging knives and gunfire. He also loved bringing dangerous men to justice and due process which would otherwise slip through the loopholes in the system. However, there was one thing he did not enjoy, having to wake up early in the morning.

Normally, he would have heard Bane slip into his apartment at this ungodly hour, when the sun was barely peeking up over the skyline. But, he’d spent the night chasing a serial arsonist throughout the city, and was too exhausted to hear him. 

Normally, Bane himself would have noticed John was trying to rest, and go read a book or knit in the living room. But, it was clear that the man was in the mood for something else  when John felt his blanket being gently tugged off to reveal his bare ass.

Hey, who doesn’t like sleeping nude? It was in the middle of the summer and the Nightwing suit made him all sweaty and nasty smelling. John was just too lazy to put on some boxers after his cold shower when he came home. 

John blinked, still a little numbed by sleep. He let out a soft groan and buried his face in his pillows.

“Hnn- not now, Bane.” he grumbled, a headache starting to set in.

Bane said nothing, but the soft murmur of acknowledgement let John know that he heard him. 

“Time waits for no one, Habibi.” Bane rumbled at last. 

”- don’t give a shit.” John said into his pillow. 

He thought he heard a sigh of resignation, it was difficult due to the contraption strapped onto his face to tell for sure. Finally, John heard the sound of fabric rustling and the sound of material hitting the floor. 

He let out another moan when he felt the bed dip due to Bane’s weight, and a warm, calloused hand run from the base of his neck down to the cleft of his ass. 

Suddenly, John felt Bane tug him close and spoon around him, Bane’s heavy arm was tucked securely beneath his own. He felt the eerily warm metal of the mask press against the back of his head as Bane let out another sigh, this time of contentment. 

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FOUND IT!!! :) Thanks to “OF COURSE BANE”!! Man just look at him! :p

This. This is what started the obsession.

I’ll slide down you like that.

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John is the only one who makes Bane smile like that <3